Overwhelmed. Tired. Burnt-Out. 

Entrepreneurs live different lives. We march to the beat of our own drums. Rise fast and the crash hard. I've done it. Don't lose your relationship, business, or life... 

Your Intentions Are Good... But Things Don't Always Go As Planned.

One misstep, one bad hire, one mistake, and years of work can be gone in an instant. It might not even be your fault but it's your name on the line...

This is the most critical time.

You must act fast. You need clarity to navigate the fires. You WILL rewrite this story, you need a secret weapon. 

Complete confidentiality and no judgment. 

One-on-One Personal Care

  • No Bait & Switch

  • No Endless Upsells

  • No BS

  • Just Results

Don't Take Advice From Someone Who's Never Survived The Fire.

Hi, I'm Jes Richardson, I watched as my life went down in flames... I was burnt-out, overwhelmed, and overworked. I planned my death... but the entrepreneur spirit gave me fight. I wasn't done. 

As I rose from the ashes, I cleared my name, transformed my life, and rebuilt my career.

This IS Your Comeback Story!

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