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You KNOW You Have A Huge F*cking Purpose...

You Help People But You Don't Have Enough Clients Or You Haven't Started Charging Yet AND You Are Overwhelmed With Online Business And Marketing.

Endless posting on social media... but really it's the messenger. Does the spam ever stop? 🤬

Sweat equity sucks. It doesn't have to be that difficult. 

Hustle Is Dead.

Obviously, Everything Takes Work But The Key Is Simplicity And Consistency.  

Hi! I'm Jes Richardson.

I've survived just about everything, birthed five amazing humans, and have been coaching, consulting, or mentoring for over 24 years. I'm also a Gemini, ENFP/J, 7w8, and have a deep love for personal growth, history, and patterns. 

My brain loves simplicity and systems. The Fire Starter Business Template is a program that I have been using for almost two decades. It was developed out of pure necessity.

Businesses need plans. Employees need leadership. Cashflow needs oversight. I've used this template to turnaround multi-million dollar restaurants, construction companies, and form non-profits. I've received grants and hosted black-tie events with this same template.

Good business is good business. Here's to your life of success and happiness!

"She [Jes] is polished, organized, and has what appears to be effortless business savvy." - Mary Rose Somarriba, Verily Magazine

Have You Ever Purchased Something Online, Only To Discover That It Was Nothing Like You Expected?

 The Internet is a new invention but business... supply and demand are as old as time. Businesses have systems but the information age has given us too many opportunities and not enough wisdom. These are time-tested, proven templates that will guide you past the BS and into focus, simplicity, and sales.

 You only need three things to be successful in business.

The Strategy 

What & How

The Tools

Tools & Tech

The Team

Who & When

Kill The Overwhelm and Why It Exists...

Get Lit Now!

That's It. 

Add consistency, determination, and time and you have your recipe for success! 

But... Internet Gurus teach "overdelivering", "giving value", and "showing up" which is good but NOT if it overwhelms your clients!

Only to be upsold more stuff so you can "get better results"....

By the time you buy into a $100k/year Group, you receive the most simplified systems! *However the networking is top-notch! 

A Simple, Proven, Timeless Plan To The Business and Life of Your Dreams. 

"Jes’s fire is contagious. I hired Jes to help me in a break-through session and the results were so incredible and immediate that it was easy to enlist her as my business coach. Since she has started advising and guiding me I have more clarity, confidence in what I am doing both professionally and personally. I am on fire and while I am responsible for the quality of my life, I am sure that Jes has been very influential in the launch of both the Sober.Soulful.Successful. summit and the Floooh online community."

 - Randy Hyden

"I tried programs and expensive coaching and cried my fucking eyes out in overwhelm. I'm using the template now and everything is literally, falling into place for me. I could have saved years of struggle in setting up my businesses."  

- Reid Richardson, Sexual breakthrough coach

Fire Starter Business Template

  • Part 1: The Foundation Of You - 5-Minute videos paired with worksheets designed to help you discover YOU and your purpose.

  • Part 2: The Foundation Of Business - The Master Plan. Who. What. When. How. The strategies you need without the extra fluff.

  • Part 3: Simplified Marketing - A Clear Path. Do what works, forget the rest. Keep it simple. 
  • Part 4: Automated Leadership -The flow of people, their roles, and responsibilities. Painless hiring and firing. 

  • Part 5: Cash Flow - The Budget and projections. Know when to hire, outsource, and scale. 

Plus Bonus Classes!

The Hangups. New Habits. Badassery.

No BS Classes! Get What You Need and Want! 

  • Fuck "Good": Rebellion The Antidote For Fear
  • Breaking Your Money Blocks The Lazy Way
  • Unlocking Your Golden Stories
  • Storytelling For Profit
  • Online Sales Systems & Strategies: SIMPLIFIED
  • Marketing: Organic Or Ads? Yes. It's Easy.
  • And More! 

Fire Starter Special

$333 One-Time

Light Your Fire!

  • Fire Starter Business Template
  • Bonus Classes
  • Free Facebook Group
  • Priority Scheduling for Accountability Coaching Sessions
  • Super Special Bonus: One Free Accountability Session To Help You Get and Stay On Track! (First 50 People Only)

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