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Everything I Know I Learned From My Pimp

Surviving Trafficking and the Anti-Trafficking Movement

A collection of writing by Jes Richardson

“Jessica is extraordinary in every sense of the word. She authoritatively communicates the reality of human trafficking with a graceful charisma and strength born from her own experience of overcoming. Her laugh and her life are infectious, inspiring those around her with hope. It is an honor to work with her, and more so, to call her friend.” ~John, CEO & Producer of Trade In Hope

“Jes approaches her work with humility, treats all people with dignity, and brings beauty and humor to a very complex and personal issue. Alongside her own healing journey, she has cultivated a wealth of experience and educational understanding."  ~ Michelle Nahme, Producer & Director, Trade In Hope

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“Jes is such an interesting person, because she doesn’t come across like someone who has experienced all the pain and suffering that comes with being trafficked. Instead, she seems honest, thoughtful, caring, smart, and vulnerable. She is an excellent speaker who will open your heart and mind to the plight of those suffering in the subculture of the trafficking and sex industry. I highly recommend her.” ~ Pam Crouch, Luke 6 Ministries

"As Love146 has continued its prevention education programs, as well as begun to provide survivor care to children in the USA, we have found Jes’s perspective to be invaluable. She has helped our team process and refine difficult concepts that were eventually developed into our programs. We are deeply grateful to have been able to work alongside Jes as we grow our U.S. programs to reach more children.” ~ Stephanie, PhD, Executive Programs Director

When I started writing about sex work, I had no idea what would happen next. The death threats flowed. I was told that I should be beaten and raped, my young children too. I was called a pimp and the pimp lobby. I should be killed for my words. Then the threats started happening to my friends, then my oldest daughter. - Everything I Know I Learned From My Pimp

“I met Jes on a fluke and have found that she has a great passion in everything that she does. Meeting her made a huge difference in my life just by watching her and seeing the determination to conquer and fight for what she believes in is amazing to me... Everyone’s view counts for something and we can express our options freely; which I appreciate. I always look forward to what is coming next because I know that Jes will open my eyes to something new each time.” ~ Deana S.

Doctors have spent their entire lives studying basic human needs, but for me, my desire is not merely to have my basic needs met, but rather to live a fulfilling life. I have “seen” thousands of buyers who appeared to have every physical and emotional need met. I saw the photos of their lovely wives and beautiful children. I heard about their careers and their journey up the corporate ladder to success. They had friends and people all around, and yet, they were completely miserable. Perplexed curiosity during my time in the life motivated me to analyze human behavior. In essence, it’s what kept me alive during those years. I had a deep desire to be heard, so I listened to others, hoping to find my own freedom in their stories. - Everything I Know I Learned From My Pimp

Jes Richardson is an adventurous traveler, life-schooling, mother of five children. Going public with her story of overcoming trafficking in 2009. As an entrepreneur, she laser-focused on solutions and results. After working with hundreds of survivors, and speaking to tens of thousands of people, she uncovered deep roots that took her on a mind-bending journey. Jes revels the dark secrets of the anti-trafficking movement and how to embrace real transformation. 

“Your presentation was well organized, articulate, and interesting which enabled students to remain focused upon the message at hand. The content of your presentation offered practical and general information for students to draw upon for a lifetime.” ~ Tom F., Director, Substance Abuse Prevention Program, University of Oregon